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EU Law Analysis: The Orbanisation of EU asylum law: the latest EU a...

EU Law Analysis: The Orbanisation of EU asylum law: the latest EU a...: Steve Peers There have been a number of EU proposals to deal with the perceived ‘refugee crisis’ in Europe over the last year. Th...


In  connect about that, I make an comment

     You will be deported even that you have been registred with HOME OFFICE, about your sexual orientation, as they will keep information about anyone pased asylum, that mean you can claim asylum seekers in some different country, you could claim asylum in different but they will refuse, because HOME OFFICE of UK keped information about each one who has been accepted once

    All information about you they hold in the Database System of EURODAC

- You have to be release if your claim asylum has been refuse, but Home Office still keeped information about each one, which I can say its wrong .

   Home Office of the UK always breaking the European Law, of Free movement .

    In the UK  I am treated very badly, severalst time I email  to the a Home Offce, that I wish to be removal of Database System as to be removal address on wich I was registred in 2012, as to use address of Day Centre Organisation

      More information about me Please follow any information which I created


    Go to empty box of Google, then type/write INFO LONDON PAVEL PETKOV


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TheINDEPENDENT: EU Law Analysis: Fair movement of people: equal tr...

TheINDEPENDENT: EU Law Analysis: Fair movement of people: equal tr...: EU Law Analysis: Fair movement of people: equal treatment? (Part Tw... : Catherine Barnard and Sarah Fraser Butlin* *The authors are ...

EU Law Analysis: Fair movement of people: equal treatment? (Part Tw...

EU Law Analysis: Fair movement of people: equal treatment? (Part Tw...: Catherine Barnard and Sarah Fraser Butlin* *The authors are both at the University of Cambridge and funded by the ESR...




         Information of the  Britain's anti-discrimination policy, as well as the creation of the British policy "hostile environment" in any form to European citizens living in the UK

    About that, please have look any each information which I create, also as well,  follow,  

  •   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_Office_hostile_environment_policy

   ​On Saturday, June 9, 2018, in the Leicester Square area, at the door of the "center of ​Refugee"​- 
Notre Dame Refugee Centre​ ​, the same center that opens to the homeless at 12.30 pm, while I was waiting at the door, I was attacked by two British drug addicts!

​Exactly on the corner where is the Italian restaurant BELLA ITALIA, I was attacked by two men ​B​ritish junkies
--I make an explanation;

    These two people started to provoke me as one to the other and they called out for me, one of the European citizens - shit, would be deported, then I replied to them: "What about the British drug addicts" ? Then, one of them went over me with fists, at the same time right​ ​ ​now​/ immediately​ ​and another one jumped with  fists, into me and stubbornly / hit /struck me several times , I only tried to stop with my hands, the man hit me several times into the my face face, even though I have light touched parts, one from which the mouth with blood and the left eye.

   Two police groups, one of whom watched video recordings / CCTV in Operation​, came quickly.

   The police did not arrest them, and one of the police squad was facing me with provocation and the idea of ​​arresting me because I was defending myself because I was again a victim, 
- Police Officer haven't give to me,​ Statement or Reference About that case / incident

   Always when I went  to the police station to report any incident, about me, that I am always attacking from the British junkies - Police Officers say to me : Go back where are you  come from 


The last case I reported was in February 2018.
About me:
What I shared with the police on Sunday morning:

While I was sleeping on Sunday morning at about 5:10 am morning, two British drug addicts were awakened homeless, like one of their questions to me: do you have a drug? - I replied / tired to both of them, I don't have, and I am  not use drug, then they, tried to scare me, then several times they (calling to me; "give money")
- I just answer to them: I don't have

Your response:  In connection with my complaint,
"is not to be caught by a camera, unfortunately there will be no further investigation on this case"

The Policeofficer  answer, about my case as I make question to concretizing :

-About that text, so I am make a ask, could you Please, explain whats that mean ? I have to know Why? Policeofficer  answer: - is not to be caught by a camera ----- Please, explain about that text​

  Whenever I'm attacked by British drug addicts, I have complained to a police station, the CHARING CROSS area, their reliance on me, as always:
Go to Bulgaria or somewhere else.

  Police in London have never been right to me, but only provocations on their part
   Also, I mean, they themselves are always looking for ways and means to arrest an innocent foreigner, but not to arrest their dangerous aggressive drug addicts, I would call them "hooligans - wild - zombie-dogs."
----most of them are undisciplined

What I am thinking about British citizens: 

They showed to me  bad behavior.

    What I noticed, between the English, Wales, Irish, and the Scottish, among these four states - the Welsh citizens, was good behavior and character.


​   ​About European citizens in the U.K. more than seven years, even, they know you that youre not trouble maker you're: with good character, but British people, never they will tell you that you're perfect, for them you will be always problem. ​

Who abuses his right, first, I would note
1. The British Government
2. Their citizens who are so taught the idea to have a "hostile environment" and hatred for European citizens - Britons themselves hate Europeans

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The European Citizen: Swiss vote puts EU to the test on Free Movement

The European Citizen: Swiss vote puts EU to the test on Free Movement: The Swiss referendum on immigration restrictions for EEA nationals - effectively a vote on ending the free movement of people in the single ...I would like to ask you if you have been made aware of the way  EU citizens- Rough  sleepers are  being treated by the British  Home Office.

I my self am one of them and can witness that we are routinely intimidated and harassed by Home Office officials.

     The people are rounded  up in the night in a very nasty way transported to Detention Centres and deported without given any due recourse to Diplomatic Assistance from theirs  home countries.

    How it is possible that EU allows UK to treat EU - citizens destitute as they may be in such appaling way while on the other hand British Citizens in Europe are treated in the same way as European citizens, can you explain to me and all others in my position why such double standards are being tolerated by EU, Brexit notwithstanding

  ...From  2010 Home Office deported anyone European citizens without criminals records, because they are sleeping on the street !

UK Government still limited any European citizens of free movement 1st,

***2nd Labor Market - we have to proof of eligibility to work in the UK

***3 Phone bills; Rent bills and Electricy bills

***Housing Benefitc and JOBSEEKERS ALLOWANCE (JSA)


Finally I want to emphasize that I am talking exclusively about people without any criminal records in the UK !


Information of the  Britain's anti-discrimination policy, as well as the creation of the British policy "hostile environment" to European citizens living in the country

About that, please have look any each information which I create, also as well,  follow,  

  •   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_Office_hostile_environment_policy

                                                                                                               18/11/2017 - time:11:16 pm
Still I am working of topic
Pavel Petkov

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ECHR Sexual Orientation Blog: European Court of Human Rights once again rejects ...

ECHR Sexual Orientation Blog: European Court of Human Rights once again rejects ...: The European Court of Human Rights has declared the complaint in A.N. v France inadmissible. This continues the Court


    The best right for LGBT in the UK!
You will be restricted/limited of right
Of free movement - that mean you will be deported without your document
Labour market/job
4.any benefits as job seekers or you wish to get to study high digree/specialnost-
about that Job Centre will refuse, becouse we are NOT qualifield they say
- I could say  if I am qualifield person why sould I claim Universal Credit

  About foreign citizen living in  the UK more then five / sevent years  UK Government, still restricted them for Universal Credit ; Job Seekers Allowance, even if you are wish to study in UK  its NOT possible because we dont have a British Passport

   Home Office have it to release each immigrant which has been claim asylum seekers , on which has NOT been  accepted !

The HOME OFFICE still hold them and me on the Database System Of  Eurodac which is wrong and didnt  respect the European Law !

About Eurodac --- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurodac

    More information about that please follow any information which I created 

                   I am among restricted and discriminated

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How a Hospitality Consultant can improve your Business


     I often use SoHostel but some of the members of staff at the hostel "SoHostel" did not give me a cup of coffee
- They say: you have to pay!

   In early 2016 by February I booked a room /4/ four times a week for 30/25 £ pounds a night WITHOUT breakfast and coffee.
   Recently I book a room for only two days a week up to 20 pounds WITHOUT breakfast and coffee.
   2. When I make a reservation for a room, I say at the reception that I prefer upper bed, but when I go to check in 2:00 pm, some of the reception team say that I'm down bed
Please, have a look that file which is as follow

    To see this information file, copy it and then do paste it , but not in the blank field-box and make it paste top without entering www, just push/press ENTER on the Computer Keyboard

  •    file:///H:/Site%20map%20(2).pdf

     - About this 2nd file, just jump to empty box on the google then, as before copy then paste this file then ENTER


Write at the empty box of google " Bedrooms at the SoHostel cost 25 £ + breakfast at the Inside Housing"
- then you'll see original web-page


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Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants: Why you should vote - On May 5th

Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants: Why you should vote - On May 5th: As we prepare for the Local Elections tomorrow May 5th remember the price of conservative governance - The first ‪ Comprehensive Study‬ int...


        There is still discrimination against foreign nationals in the UK.

     For a Job and socio economic unemployment benefits, We / YOU need is to prove that reside legally in the country, even one has been of us registered by HOME OFFICE in some case.

In 2012, I was registered by HOME OFFICE legally LGBT, but I'm still limited to:

  • JOB
In 2015 I applied for a Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) - which has been refused without their decision

   In January 2017 again made application for socio economic assistance for unemployment, I presented any payslips from employers, I was shown that I worked legally in a 4-hours - when I had work-shifts also, I presented bank statements and National Insurance Number - as they were photocopying personal documents:
- bank card and identity card (document identifications)

I proved that expensive pay their dorms, with meager savings.

  However, from the Job Centre Plus located on the residential area Marylebone, verbally said to me: that socio economic / Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) help or support housing / Housing Benefits may just UK residents, who have a 
  • British Passport
                                                                                             January 2017


   I do comment about Job Centre Plus located at 26-46 Lisson Grove
   In this desk unemployment that members of staff are not permitted to use their toilet.
Often of me I have when I go to a signature adviser at the designated hour me, which I appear, first counselor cry of similar, their dark production people, and that is not recorded on a specific time....

   In Monday on 07/12/2015 I was recorded with Mr. David to 1:00 pm. The same Mr. started work by 1:30pm then he call to others for signature came later than me, because they are his origin.

   I submit all your documents - payslips by the employer, which shows that I worked three hours a day, also presented information about their income and savings, signed and filled out declaration proved that I work, appearing on the dates for signature, but still no support from Job Centre MARYLEBONE in which office I signed and 24 December will take two months without social assistance for unemployment
......After three months, without decision about BENEFITS /Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) and without Social unemployment benefits !!!


More information about that please check information about 2013, which is   Information about the Government and the immigration of UK                                                             

                                                                      December 2015